Feno-Myrtillus™ Organic bilberry extract

  • 4 times more powerful than cultivated blueberry
  • Improves eye health (for modern-day screen junkies)

These potent anthocyanins are made in the only extraction facility in the Nordic countries, very close to the collection area. The raw material is a locally hand-picked wild bilberry, and this ingredient is the most sustainable and eco-friendly extract you can get in the market. Our bilberries are 100% traceable and authentic.

Product features

Indication Eye health, Metabolic modulation
Bioactive Anthocyanins
Variations Arctic wild bilberry extract microencapsulated powder


Feno-Myrtillus 25
Feno-Myrtillus 5
Feno-Myrtillus 25L (Liquid Extract)
Feno-Myrtillus 5L (Liquid Extract)