No compromise on sustainABILITY!

We are committed to improving people’s health, while also preserving the future for our children. Therefore we aim to meet the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN.

We wish to support and protect the Earth, the environment and the ecosystem as a whole. Ensuring sustainability is important to us in every aspect of our supply chain.

  • We harvest wild material from sources that are abundant, not utilized (or underutilized) and with careful methods (handpicking)
  • Wild bilberry is considered as a renewable natural resource
  • The majority of our raw materials come from the forests of the Finnish Lapland of which 99% are organic-certified
  • We ensure low carbon footprint and traceability of the products by locating raw materials close
  • Our product range and production process make sure that we utilize every part of the raw materials: we use the juice, press cake and extract mesh to offer 9 different products from bilberries
  • We offer organic products
  • We carefully choose our suppliers in accordance to our quality and sustainability related criteria.
  • We aim to minimize waste in every step of our supply chain
  • We are committed to recycling and we are continuing to change the materials used in packaging, labeling, office material to Eco-friendly materials